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Digital Hotel

“Travel technology firm Amadeus, recently released a series of reports of what hotels will look like in 2020. Its findings, based largely on customer responses around their wishes and expectations, highlighted the importance of innovation with people expecting more responsive, personalized services in the near future.” – Travolution

Conference Room

All eyes and ears are focused on the speaker. Every word is perfectly delivered. Unwanted sound is attenuated, high intelligibility and transparency make it easy to follow the words of the speaker — the audience is moved. This versatile line of condenser microphone heads can be combined with various goosenecks, ceiling, and table mounts. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including conference, public address, studio, broadcast, houses of worship, and television production.

System Integration

Combining new solutions with established ones, GIS can transform your complete security architecture into a single, seamless system which operates securely over your network. GIS's extensive experience in integrating people, along with protective processes and technologies enables us to design and build robust security solutions.

Background Music

As the name implies, background music, often simply called "BGM," is music that is intended to provide a background for other activities. The term is also sometimes applied to incidental music in movies or games. Here we're mainly concerned with the type of background music that is intended to create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. Background music is widely used in shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, offices, amusement parks, and many other types of facilities. In shopping centers it has proven to be effective in increasing the length of time customers stay in the store, and in increasing sales. In hospitals, peacefully cheerful music can help to reduce patients' fear and pain. Music is also sometimes used to convey messages to staff in such a way that the customers don't notice. For example, some department stores play a pre-determined piece of music to alert staff to the fact that it has begun raining outside, and that they should use the appropriate rainproof wrapping for purchased goods. This is a great way to alert staff without disrupting the in-store mood with jarring announcements.

Wireless Access Point

Mobile devices are now as essential to workplaces as copy machines and coffee makers. That means a fast, reliable wireless network is essential as well. But building one isn’t as simple as plugging in your ISP-supplied router and connecting your smartphone. In fact if you’ve never done it before, putting together a Wi-Fi network robust enough to support your business can be pretty tricky. To shorten the learning curve, we’ve highlighted some common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

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