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There was a time not long ago when we saw things like a door that unlocked without keys or a thermostat that could be controlled remotely as science fiction. Now, thanks to smart home products, there’s nothing fictional about being able to do awesome things like this at home.

It extends beyond locks, cameras, and thermostats, too, as you can also get a smart doorbell. That’s right, you can find out who’s at your door and even communicate with them without ever opening the door. Sound like magic? With these smart doorbells, it really is possible!

What Is A Smart Doorbell?

Basically, a smart doorbell is a device that your visitors push just like a normal doorbell. However, that’s where the similarities between traditional and smart doorbells end, because you also get all kinds of cool features thanks to the ability to connect to a WiFi network.

WiFi Doorbell

With smart doorbells, you have the benefit of receiving alerts when someone is at the door, seeing who it is, and communicating with your visitors — all from your smartphone, anywhere in the world. It really makes you feel like you are living in the future,, which is exactly the goal we are trying to achieve with the magic of a connected home.

It’s a pretty new category that’s still sorting itself out, and many of the models available have gone through crowdfunding sources like Kickstarter and Indiegogo in order to bring the ideas to life.

As we mentioned previously, the smart doorbell market is still budding, much like the entirety of the connected home field. This means there’s not a lot of models out there, and most are of from companies you haven’t heard of before. It’s all untested as far as sales go, which means the big companies haven’t jumped in head first. With that said, this leaves you with the opportunity to be the first among your friends to install one of these outside of your home, and that’s a cool chance to have!

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