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Infrared dome cameraTake a front row seat and examine what happens outside and inside your business at any time: day or night. Whether you are down the street or out of the country, you can view the day-to-day operations remotely. And even if you have more than one location, you can view each business simultaneously.

GIS Corp. provides customized security camera packages that address your individual business needs. In this increasingly challenging marketplace, business owners need affordable, effective tools to maximize profits and minimize loss. And cameras are an incredibly powerful and effective management tool. GIS also offers POS integration with your camera security system. POS integration allows the text of printed receipts to appear right on the screen, as the sale is processed.

Cash registers work with POS integrationCamera security will give you concrete proof of shoplifting, thefts and robbery. And cameras are not just a tool to catch criminals. Our cameras also act as a deterrent of possible crimes. A security camera system from GIS can protect you and your business against possible litigation. Using video evidence, you can defend yourself in potential court cases, including slip-and-falls.

Types of Commercial Grade Camera Systems

An example of a DVRStandalone DVR Systems


Standalone DVRs offer an economical solution for your surveillance needs. We have several different models to choose from. These DVRs come in 4-CH, 8-CH, 16-CH, 24-CH and 32-CH models and can accommodate our full line of cameras. Comparable in size to a DVD player, these DVRs can be easily tucked away when space is an issue.  If a high-speed Internet connection is present, these DVRs can be remotely monitored from a PC or most web enabled mobile phones.

An example of a 16 camera monitor screen.PC-Based Hybrid Systems


GIS flagship system, the PC-Based Hybrid digital surveillance system, is the most diverse on the market. These systems are available in tower or rack mount units and operate with a mouse and keyboard, something most of us are used to using. These systems can use both traditional CCTV cameras and IP based cameras which make them as future proof as possible. With a high-speed Internet connection,  these camera systems can be viewed remotely from a PC or most web enabled mobile phones. These systems can also be remotely administered. Sentech can login and An example of a Pc from a PC-base systemhelp you with you system without even leaving the office. This is the full service solution! Each system is custom built and can handle up to 64 cameras.


a screen with IP based imagesIP Based Camera Solutions

IP surveillance it the latest technology. It is a completely digitized and networked version ofdiagram of how IP cameras work CCTV.  Until recently, this technology was mainly used by the government sector. With a greater ease of distribution, IP surveillance it taking over the industry.  Call Sentech today to see if a IP solution is right for you.

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